Smart Towns pleased to add Mike Haley and Landmark Decisions


April 25, 2014

Mike in Action
Mike in Action

Patrick Bergen Managing Partner  and John McCall Senior Partner of Smart Towns Inc. are very pleased to announce today the addition of Mike Haley and Landmark Decisions Inc as associate consultants.  Mike has over 20 years experience with major government and corporate clients such as Air Canada, Allstate and Kroger Foods in improving performance alignment.  This move also increases Smart Towns reach to across Canada including representation in Calgary, Montreal and now Halifax.

Mike P. Haley is President and Founder of Landmark Decisions Inc., a Halifax-based niche consulting practice providing worldwide “performance alignment” consulting & facilitation, training, and implementation services to both public and private sector clients. For nearly 20 years, the prime focus of the company has been to supply guidance on the development of both strategic and operational plans and to build models which help organizations improve their business decision making capacity. Landmark also partners with leading technology vendors to help clients understand the value of enterprise-wide technology solutions for the support of performance and/or process and cost management.

Mike has worked with clients worldwide in the training, technology transfer and general application of performance management to the telecommunication, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food processing, distribution, government and financial service industries. Private sector clients include Air Canada, Allstate, Kroger Foods, Maersk-Sealand, Pfizer, and the University of Sydney. Public sector clients include a wide variety of Federal, Provincial/State and Municipal Governments such as Fisheries & Oceans Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Transport Canada, Treasury Board Secretariat, Ontario Ministry of Finance, City of Charleston, US Navy, and various departments in the New Zealand Government.

Prior to founding Landmark Decisions Inc. in 1993, Mike worked in both technical and operations management for an international manufacturing company and was also involved in technical services management with a Canadian based contract research firm. Mike holds a Masters degree from Dalhousie University and his office is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.