Smart Towns adds to New Domain Name Discussion.


Recently we had a chance to work with Ian Matthews from Up & Running Technologies to offer support to understanding the very interesting direction that the internet will be going.

Courtesy of, see full article here.

Below is the list of Top Level Domains that are under consideration to be released in 2014.  I spoke with GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and ICANN to confirm that no such list is publicly available… so I (well, actually a good friend of mine at ) manually scraped the ICANN site and built the following table, which you should be able to copy/paste into Excel and manipulate as you wish.

Remember that not all of these 1900 domains are unique and not all of them are going to be permitted.  Also note that we skipped the “number” domains (like .1  .2  .1867  .1975  .1976 …) and non-English character domains focused mainly on the Asian markets.

From my research, about 50 domains are going to be released every month-ish starting in March 2014 but you can PRE-register for them now.  For each of the 5 registration “phases”  (1 phase = 1 day) the price drops.  The domains cost about $3600 to register on day/phase 1 but only about $35 on day/phase 5.  If you have the money and the need you will buy early and pay a lot.  If you have less money and/or less need, you will take you chances and wait.

If you are not a trademark holder and someone else wants the same name you do AND they registered in advance of the domain becoming available, the two (or more) of you are then put into an auction for the domain name.  So if you preregister for ILIKE.SEX and a competitor also preregisters for ILIKE.SEX, then you are going to need some money to out bid them… good luck!

If you see a domain you are interested in, click HERE for ICANN’s up to the day status.